President Biden declares California a disaster area: storms have already claimed at least 19 lives | Abroad

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US President Joe Biden has declared California a disaster area. This allows the federal government to release aid for reconstruction, the White House reported. Winter storms have been lashing the state since Dec. 26, causing flooding, landslides, mudslides and power outages. At least 19 people have already died.

Biden’s decision allows California to receive federal aid. This includes the counties of Merced, Sacramento and Santa Cruz. Roads have been closed and residents have been evacuated. Alabama also receives emergency aid from the US government. The state has been hit by severe storms. On Friday, at least six people were killed by a tornado. About 200,000 households were without power after the tornado, which was largely resolved on Sunday.

The emergency aid means that replacement homes can be arranged more quickly for victims of the storm and, for example, loans at low rates for people who are not insured against storm damage.

LOOK. Images show devastation that storms have already wreaked in California.

And there is no end in sight to the storm just yet. Yesterday there were again heavy rain, snowfall and gusts of wind. “It’s not over yet,” warned Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom.

For Monday, a holiday in the United States, the weather services expect another “atmospheric river” that will bring extreme precipitation. By such an ‘atmospheric river’, meteorologists mean streams of moisture-saturated air, originating from the equatorial zone.




Governor Newsom called on the public to remain vigilant and use common sense for the next 24 to 48 hours. Half of the average annual precipitation has already fallen in the Central Valley agricultural region. In the mountains it is about 4.5 meters of snow.

Since the start of the storm, 19 people have already died. These included motorists who were trapped by the water and people who ended up under falling trees.



California is used to extreme weather, but the sequence the population has been experiencing in recent weeks has been particularly unusual.

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