President Duque ‘made the move’ to the Providencia community

The president’s visit to the island of Providencia left the inhabitants unpleasant. President Duque ‘made the move’ to the Providencia community.

Last Friday, the president visited the island to review the vaccination process. The president also spoke about the progress in home repairs after Hurricane Iota that left the island devastated.

During his visit, it seemed that he wanted to avoid the population that was looking for him all over the island. For they alleged that they could not be found anywhere.

The president, in one of his statements, made the mistake of saying that 100% of the homes would finish being repaired. Susana Correa had to correct the president and tell him that they were ending in July.

For me Providencia is a personal challenge in every sense of the word. We have had to face many difficulties, PBut look at things that are important to say, we have already reached 100% of the houses repaired. We have the challenge of moving forward with speed in new homes, we have had delays, it must be recognized”, Expressed the president of the Colombians.

This was the statement and the correction:

  • President: “We have already, at this time in the case of Providencia, delivered 100% of the repaired houses, it was our goal, wasn’t it Susana?
  • Susana Correa: “In July we finished.”
  • President: “In July we finished 100% of the repaired homes, in the month of July, that is, we are a few weeks away and we are making progress with new homes.”

And it is precisely that the community has alleged that the reconstruction of the island has already had many delays, 7 months after the passage of Hurricane Iota.

According to the report that Blu Radio consulted with the Territorial Development Finance, Findeter, with a cut-off date of June 17, only 57% of the homes in Providencia were repaired or rebuilt.

Also, there are 136 new homes and there are 695 roofs installed.

The president pointed out the main difficulties for the reconstruction of the island. He said that the delay was in the process of agreement about the materials and the design of the houses with the population. In addition, some logistical difficulties.

President Duque ‘made the move’ to the Providencia community

To make direct claims, the community searched for the president throughout the island last Friday, however they were unsuccessful.

Such was the discontent that the inhabitants decided to go to the entrance of the airport to retain the president and ask him about the delays. Despite this, the president never went to where they were to speak with them.

“Because everything that is happening here is pure makeup” commented an indignant resident of the community.

The governor and the mayor of Providencia decided to go and calm the fumes of the people who were demonstrating. Later, while the local leaders spoke with the community, the president entered the airport from the other side.

The inhabitants were annoyed and considered that the president practically rude them. “They turned their backs on us, they left … That was Duque’s response, they left, it doesn’t matter, we don’t matter,” concluded an indignant woman.



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