President Iván Duque lost more than 10 kilos by dieting and exercising

The president had an evident transformation during the time of the pandemic, in 2020, when he began to gain weight, which became a topic of conversation in social networks and the media.

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Perhaps his commitments as the country’s president prevented him from taking care of his diet and doing physical activity; however, that changed in recent months when Duque made a change of habits, with which he managed to lose more than 10 kilosaccording to Week.

How did Iván Duque lose weight?

The president started exercising three months ago, assured the magazine, but it intensified in the last three weeks.

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duke besides he started playing basketball and practices it whenever he has free time in his schedule.

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But that is not all. The president’s diet also changed. Now he has healthier habits and lHe has an ideal diet to lose the kilos that he gained; already lost 11.

Iván Duque, said the media, hopes to finish his government at his ideal weight.