Saturday, 21 Apr 2018
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President Macron wants to inscribe the wand at patrimonium of mankind

Write “a know-how and a knack” “France is a country of excellence in bread because the wand is envied around the world, it must be preserved excellence and know-how and that is why it should be included in heritage, because to inscribe it is not simply to inscribe the name of the baguette, it is with it to register ingredients, a know-how and a knack, “said Mr. Macron Friday on Europe 1. He supports a request from the President of the National Confederation of French Bakery (CNPBF), Dominique Anract. For Mr. Anract, the baguette, a “wonderful” product made of flour, water, salt and yeast, “would have its rightful place” in World Heritage. With the Eiffel Tower, she is one of the main French symbols, he told RTL. “The baguette is the daily life of the French and bread is a special story, it’s the daily morning, afternoon and evening for the French,” said Macron. “There is no history of religion, everyone has it, it’s been part of humanity since the beginning,” he said. Neapolitans have classified their pizza, why not the baguette? “I know our bakers, they saw that the Neapolitans had managed to classify their pizza as a Unesco world heritage, so they say why not the baguette, and they’re right!”, He concluded, after to have received master bakers at the Elysee shortly after the Christian feast of Epiphany. According to Mr. Anract, France has 33,000 bakeries. The art of the Neapolitan pizza-maker who makes the dough waltz in the air came in December to the intangible heritage of humanity, after a “world petition” signed by 2 million people to support the inscription.

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