President Maduro launches 1×10 and prioritizes attention to water, education and health systems

Caracas.- President Nicolás Maduro, accompanied by the main figures of his Government, launched this Friday the new plan called 1X10 with which they hope to continue improving the quality of life of Venezuelans, and which will be given priority attention. in three services that must be fully restored, and in operation in the next 60 days.

“The 1X10 is an operation of a civic, military, and police nature, to provide a response and a solution in real time,” said the president, explaining a little about the methodology with which they are going to work from now on.

In addition, he mentioned as a priority, giving attention to the spublic services of thewow, the education and health.

“I am launching three action priorities for the next 60 days and I call on the Government to assume them,” the president pointed out.

The president appointed Ricardo Menéndez as Head of the Map of solutions for the 1X10 System of Good Governance, in which six strategic lines to follow were marked:

1. Advance and consolidate the economic recovery.

2. Guarantee the social protection of the people.
3. Ensure the right to the environment, the city and public services.
4. Guarantee and promote the participation of Popular Power for Good Government.
5. Defend sovereignty, integrity and national peace in the new global geopolitics.
6. Consolidate a new citizen security justice system.

Given the current situation of the country’s economic progress, the president assured that “we have experienced a learning curve in these four years that has made us stronger. Today we are in better conditions. Let’s revolutionize everything! 2018 and 2022, a period of challenges overcome thanks to the efforts of the people”.

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“I thank all the Venezuelan people for everything we have built during these 4 years, we have managed not to depend on anyone,” he emphasized.

In order to activate this 1X10 plan they launched the application VenApp, which will be at “the service of the people and youth, will serve to deal with complaints through line 58,” said the president.

Through this app, the president invited the people to denounce all the irregularities or acts of corruption that instigate to deteriorate the health of Venezuelans: “I want them to report me hospital by hospital, with name and surname, there must be a service of quality health for the people” he exhorted.