“Africa needs 1000 aircraft in 20 years” – Al-Oudos, President of Airbus Commercial Airplanes in Africa and the Middle East: Africa needs 1,000 aircraft in 20 years The latest news and local news, without interruption, around the clock. Airbus, the airline’s chief commercial officer for Africa and the Middle East, is expected to increase air traffic demand by 5.2 percent by 2036, according to Fouad Attar. The head of Airbus Commercial Airbus in Africa and the Middle East said in a press conference held Monday evening in Cairo on the eve of the Africa 2018 summit that Africa needs about 1000 passenger aircraft and freight over the next 20 years, worth 147 billion dollars. Attar will participate in the Africa Aviation Summit, which will start on Tuesday, and will address a number of important topics, including Africa’s role in civil aviation, investment in civil aviation infrastructure, cyber terrorism, ways to combat it, protection against threats and the Unified African Transport Market Proceeding from this event. About 660 people from 50 countries around the world, including 220 representatives of 34 airlines and 50 speakers from Africa and the world, will attend the conference. 118 aviation companies will also take part in the event. We thank you for spending some time with us. We are sending news to you from all over the world through competent correspondents who pick up the news from an exporter. Follow us throughout the day. Please do not forget the work of IK for our page on the social networking site Facebook and follow the latest news on the site of Twitter posts. Greetings to the editor of the newspaper newspaper documents. Source : Country

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