President of Congress donates blood for the children of the INSN and helps promote voluntary donation in Peru

In a generous and altruistic act, the president of the Congress of the Republic, María del Carmen Alva Prieto, arrived this morning at the San Borja National Institute of Child Health to donate blood voluntarily in favor of small patients who require transfusions on a daily basis. blood and platelets as part of your medical treatment.

“We need to be more supportive among all, I call on our compatriots to practice the culture of voluntary blood donation because it is an honor to help restore the health of children,” said María del Carmen Alva, after thanking the institution for the work and commitment of the current management and to place the INSN San Borja as one of the best in the world; He also promised to continue promoting voluntary donation in Peru through the “Love, donate, live” campaign that lasts throughout the year.

As a gesture of gratitude, little Adriana (6), a patient at the Institute, gave her a small heart. “Thank you for coming to donate blood for the children,” he told her.

The Director General of the INSN San Borja, Dr. Zulema Tomas Gonzáles, thanked the gesture of detachment of the highest authority of Congress, who promised to support this noble cause in favor of children with leukemia, congenital and cardiovascular malformations, serious burns, brain tumors, among others.

Later, María del Carmen Alva and Dr. Zulema Tomas toured the Hospitalization and Neurosurgery areas.

Despite the covid-19 pandemic, in 2020, the INSN San Borja managed to attract approximately 9,000 voluntary blood and platelet donors, thanks to various strategies such as the “Mobile Donation”, an adapted unit that comes to your home to fulfill the donation in front of your home. Likewise, mobile units that collect volunteers from their homes to transfer them to the Institute to carry out the platelet donation process using the Apheresis machines. There are collection points at La Rambla, Jockey Plaza and Plaza Chorrillos CC. Meanwhile, so far in 2021, more than 4,147 volunteers have been recruited, of which 3,170 are blood volunteers and 977 are platelet volunteers.

The INSN San Borja, enabled a “VIP Route” for blood and platelet donors in order to provide a special income to volunteers who come to the institution to help children, considering that more than 80% are from the regions .

The volunteers are guaranteed the high quality standards and all the biosafety measures before, during and after the donation process, which is endorsed by the international ISO 9001 certification that the Institution recently received.

People who wish to donate can register at the email [email protected] or write to wasap 940419110. Attention at the Blood Bank is from 07:00 am to 07:00 pm.