President of El Salvador explodes after defeat to Mexico: Time to intervene

Here’s to watching, President of The Savior, was very furious by the defeat of the Selecta before the Mexican team and he assured through his social networks that it is time to do something to change that inertia.

“I think it’s time to intervene… They sanction us a couple of years and then we come back playing for real “Bukele wrote.

Also, his brother Yamil bukele He also left a message on Twitter, which the president took time to retweet to emphasize what the lack of Select for a true change to success.

“There can be a lot of talent, desire and even courage in some moments. Luck can even be present. But, if the sports psychology and bodybuilding in ours, followed by strengthening the leagueWe won’t see big changes. ”

The Savior march in penultimate place of the octagonal of the Concacaf, however, they are only three points from Panama, who at the moment would have the ticket for the Repechage, although the reality is that the outlook looks complicated.

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