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Saturday 12 January 2019

Books – Ayman Sabri:

Tesla, the leading US manufacturer and developer of electric cars, has announced that it will stop offering a number of S models and the cheapest X model in the US market.

"The S-model and the X model with a 75 kW / h battery will be discontinued on Monday," Elon Musk, founder and chief executive officer of Tesla, was quoted as saying by the USAtoday website.

The official price of the S model with a 75 kWh battery in the US market is $ 76,000 (LE 360,000) and the price of the X model is $ 82,000 (LE 470,000).

Starting from Monday, options for those who want to buy one of the models at the lowest price will be the purchase of 100 kWh batteries, starting from $ 94,000 (£ 680,000) for the S model, $ 97,000 (£ 735,000) For X.

The US site that "Tesla" refused to comment on what was published by its CEO through Twitter site "Twitter" in this regard.

Tesla's cheapest and most popular car around the world is Model-3, starting at $ 44,000 (£ 787,000).



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