President of the International Gas Union hails the achievements of the Egyptian petroleum sector

President of the International Gas Union hails the achievements of the Egyptian petroleum sector

The head of the International Gas Federation, David Carroll,
The achievements of the Egyptian oil industry, and gas in particular after the success
Which has been achieved in the field has appeared and witnessed the achievement of unprecedented records, which confirms the
Egypt’s ability to execute major oil projects .

This came during a meeting with Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla
Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources on Monday in Cairo, where he reviewed the minister
Recent developments in Egypt’s gas industry and economic reforms
To encourage and attract more petroleum investment, steps have been taken to keep pace
The changes witnessed in the oil and gas industry at the global level, which included development
The terms of the agreements and payment of the dues of the foreign partners and the enhancement of cooperation and coordination with
International companies operating in Egypt and developing a road map to intensify research and exploration activities .

The steps taken in Egypt’s national project were also reviewed
To become a regional center for the trade and circulation of gas and oil, where he stressed Mullah keenness of Egypt
And its presence in international organizations and institutions, especially those concerned with oil affairs
And gas as part of its constant efforts to stabilize the oil and gas markets .

For his part, Carroll praised the research and exploration programs
Of oil and gas in the Mediterranean region, which will play an important role during
In the coming period, pointing out that Egypt has been strongly involved in the work of the Union since its participation in
In 1988 through the Egyptian Gas Association and a member of the Board of Directors and will have a role
Rising in the global gas industry in the coming period .

He added that the goal of the Union is to promote gas as an essential part
In the sustainable global energy system and includes 150 members of the Association of Associations
And specialized gas companies covering all activities of the gas industry .

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