President Donald Trump says there is still a very good chance of bipartisanship after the Democrats win.

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump had a confrontational exchange with White House reporters at a press conference Wednesday to discuss the results of Tuesday's election.

Trump declined to answer a follow-up question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who persisted in his attempt to question the president on Russia's 2016 election fraud investigation. Trump spoke loudly about Acosta – with whom he had repeatedly collided in the past – and demanded that he hand over the microphone to the staff of the White House.

"That's enough," Trump said repeatedly, as Acosta kept trying to ask his question.

When a White House employee tried to take the microphone for him, Acosta pulled it back.

"Are you worried about the investigation in Russia, that you might." Acosta said before Trump interrupted him and said, "I'm not afraid of the investigation in Russia because it's a joke."

Trump stepped away from the console for a moment before returning to the microphone.

"I tell you, CNN should be ashamed to let you work for yourself," the President said, shaking Acosta's finger. "You are a rude, terrible person."

The president added, "the way you treat Sarah Huckabee is terrible," referring to his White House spokeswoman.

"You should not treat people like that," he warned.

Trump challenged NBC News reporter Peter Alexander, who tried to defend Acosta as a "diligent reporter".

Trump then turned to Alexander.

"Well, I'm not a big fan of you either," he said. "You are not the best."

Even during the press conference Acosta thanked Alexander on Twitter.

Moments later, American Urban Radio Network correspondent April Ryan tried to ask Trump something while answering another reporter's question about voter suppression.

"Sit down, sit down, I did not call you," Trump told Ryan. Then he ended up explaining that he considered CNN's interrogation a form of voter suppression.

When Trump approached another reporter, Ryan again tried to ask the president a question and asked him to repeat his request to sit down.

"It's such a hostile medium, it's so sad," he said.

Acosta and its employer CNN are often the target of Trump's "fake news" attacks.

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