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President Trump: The Democrats will try to wipe out everything we've done if they gain control in Congress


Donald Trump is campaigning for a republican congress, as it is at stake for his presidency – and that could be good.

When the "radical resistance" conquers power, they will take immediate action to reverse American progress and destroy all the achievements we have made, "Trump said at an airport on Sunday in Macon, Georgia, the first of its kind two southern stops two days before the congressional elections.

Before another rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the president reiterated the attacks that a Democratic congress wants to reverse government efforts, from tax cuts, to reduced government regulations, to new immigration restrictions. They would "bring a huge wrecking ball into our economy and into our future," Trump told the supporters in Georgia.

Many Democrats agree that they want to change the Trump policy, saying their tax cuts and regulatory setbacks have only benefited the rich.

While emphasizing health care on the stump, Democrats also blamed Trump for conducting racial policies with his constant attacks on "caravans" of Central American migrants, claiming they were criminalizing the United States.

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"What you see in the closing argument is the dog whistle policy appeals to racists – only the worst in America," said Tom Perez, chairman of the Democratic National Committee, on CNN's "State of the Union."

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Perez said Trump wants to "change the subject" because Republicans were "bleeding in health care."

Despite the emphasis on the US House and Senate races, Trump brought Air Force One to Georgia to discuss a governor's race. GOP candidate Brian Kemp faces a tough fight against Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Repeating attacks on Democratic candidates for Congress, Trump accused Abrams of being an "extreme left-wing politician" seeking to raise taxes, welcome "illegal aliens" to Georgia, and take people's rifles with them. He also described Abrams, an African-American woman, as unqualified for the work of the Georgian governor.

Asked about Trump's criticism during NBC's "Meet The Press," Abrams said she is an entrepreneur, tax attorney, and former state legislature, and, "I find that his assessments are vague and shallow."

Trump campaigned for his own record and referred to his re-election during the rally in Macon. At one point the supporters began to sing: "Six more years! Six more years!"

Before Trump left the White House for Georgia and Tennessee, Trump, who questioned whether the Republicans would retain control of the US House on Friday, expressed more optimism as he chatted with reporters.

"I think we will do well in the house," said Trump. He added that his "primary focus" was to retain Republican control of the Senate.

Trump gave an example of Tuesday's stakes and said his hopes for a middle-class tax cut could disappear if the Democrats won the House or Senate.

In the private sector, White House officials have also said that a victory of a democratic congress would lead to a series of investigations into things ranging from Trump's taxes to alleged collusion with Russian hackers during the 2016 elections.

In a rally following the rally in recent weeks, Trump has brutally attacked the Democrats, accusing them of wanting to bring "socialism" into the economy, ruining the pagan health system and supporting "open borders" to make "criminals" easier "To enter the country.

"They will try to eradicate our achievements and eradicate our progress," Trump said during a Friday performance in Huntington, West Virginia.

During this appearance, Trump recognized the possibility that Democrats could win the house.

"It could happen … could happen," Trump told fans at an airport demonstration in Huntington, West Virginia, adding that they should not be afraid if the Democrats win.

"Do not worry – I'll just find out," Trump said.

After Georgia and Tennessee on Sunday, Trump will complete his personal campaign on Monday with stops in states with Senate races: Cleveland, Ohio; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Fox News presenter Sean Hannity and radio talk show presenter Rush Limbaugh from Cape Girardeau are scheduled for this final event.

Prior to this Monday morning tour, Trump plans to host a "phone city hall" that appealed to constituency voters in critical districts and states, many of which were in polling stations for the first time in years, "said a statement from the re – election campaign Presidents 2020.

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