Presidential election 2020. Voters of Krzysztof Bosak – who will they vote for in the second round of elections?

Is Krzysztof Bosak’s voters closer to Rafał Trzaskowski or Andrzej Duda? Reporters “Black and White” Artur Warcholiński and Paulina Tomanek met with voters of Krzysztof Bosak and asked them who they are and why they support him. Who will Bosak’s voters vote for in the second round of presidential elections?

At the end of the election campaign of Krzysztof Bosak, the day before the election silence, the Confederation’s candidate appeared in Warsaw and Otwock. – In this presidential campaign, Krzysztof Bosak absolutely changed into some fantasy about a young Tory. He denied many things in his history, where he worked with people from the far right and focused exclusively on the economy – thinks the political scientist Collegium Civitas dealing with radical groups Dr. Przemysław Witkowski. – Bosak appears here as one that they believe will certainly be faithful to his ideals – he adds.


Confederate candidate in the presidential election Krzysztof Bosak during a meeting with the inhabitants of WarsawPAP

“This is a voter who was raised in the Third Polish Republic, often an only child, often a young couple”

Black and white reporters met with Krzysztof Bosak’s voters to answer the questions who they are and why they support him. – He owes his support of ideology, a bit of hit and faith to his ideals – notes one of his supporters. – He has a good way of being. It has something that attracts – adds another. Ready to cast their votes for him, they pay attention to the so-called “Bosak Five”, including the introduction of voluntary social security (ZUS) and an increase in the tax-free amount.

As for the electorate of Krzysztof Bosak, the age of his voters is decisive. Over half of those who support him are the youngest voters between 18 and 29 years old. The older the voter, the less support. – This is a voter who was brought up in the Third Polish Republic, often an only child, often a young couple, they think that they owe everything to themselves that the so-called giving is bad – notes Dr. Przemysław Witkowski.

Krzysztof Bosak’s electorate by ageTVN24

Such postulates of Krzysztof Bosak as accent on the free market, economic freedom, freedom of entrepreneurship, reduction of fiscal pressure, went to Małgorzata and Arkadiusz. – We are entrepreneurs. We invest and give money to the state so that it can give to others. We don’t like it – says Małgorzata, who admits that she voted for Andrzej Duda five years ago. As much as 39.1 percent of Krzysztof Bosak’s electorate are Andrzej Duda’s voters from 2015. 33.7 percent of the voters of the Confederate candidate five years ago did not participate in the election.

The electorate of Krzysztof Bosak according to the presidential election in 2015TVN24

Confederation politicians encourage voting in the second round

Dr. Przemysław Witkowski notes that the president “Andrzej Duda very often refers to pathetical nationalist slogans”. – But in practice it was not implemented – says political scientist Collegium Civitas. After five years, these expectations were raised, especially among young people, by the Confederation’s candidate.

Another interesting element is that most of the people with secondary and higher education voted for Krzysztof Bosak. – Classically, he is a petty bourgeois. He is a person who is not wealthy yet, but he wants very much and tries very hard, and tries to do it – says Dr. Przemysław Witkowski. The MP of the Confederation, according to his supporter, also has very specific expectations: that Poles could work for themselves, that young people would have money to start, and not to work for everyone around.

Krzysztof Bosak’s electorate by educationTVN24

So it will be crucial now which candidate reaches this young, educated electorate. The more so because Krzysztof Bosak’s political colleagues are appealing to take part in the second round. Jacek Wilk from the Confederation, asked if he would vote for Rafał Trzaskowski through “bitten teeth”, replies that he has already spoken on this matter before. – In my opinion, there will be no other option but bite your teeth and vote: strike out the currently ruling Andrzej Duda and put a cross at Rafał Trzaskowski – he said on June 12 to TOK FM.

Author:Artur Warcholiński, Paulina Tomanek

Source of main photo: PAP

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