Presidential Majesty | column by Orlando Caballero Díaz

The majesty represented by a President of State has been lost. For the sovereign people, the perception of the presidential exercise is not the best, they generally consider that any parrot of the sticks can be president in Latin America.

The truth is that the material, texture, intellect and moral stature of a President of State must be the best. However, unfortunately for the Latin American states, many of their presidents are opaque, of the worst human material, without texture in their personalities, short-minded and moral dwarfs.

So, I consider that presidential candidates must first pass the “gold test.” Yes, the one brought for the occasion by Ecclesiastes, which states: “Gold is tried with fire and man is tried with gold.”

Gold means: purity, value, dignity, superiority and majesty, typical of the presidential figure. Fire historically represents the force of purification and human integration.

That is, the candidates prior to being voted by the citizen must be objectively tested on their passions, moral principles, intellect and prospecting. A good way to do it symbolically is with gold, money, or silver.

For this, their public, family, commercial, industrial, academic and personal trajectory must be subjected to the litmus test, it is nothing more than examining what their behavior has been with the “public gold”, the treasury or public finances, surely at At the end of the exercise, we will be surprised how we die of disappointment, by making the most of the bad human material evident, which is presented to us as candidates for President of State.

There is no doubt, it is also very important to scrutinize the family life of the candidates, under the same parameters of “fire and gold.” Because while it is true “there are no crimes of blood.” It is no less true that the citizen does not have to carry the criminal and immoral burden of the candidate’s family.

The majesty of a president is earned by family and personal transparency, exposed throughout his life, achievements, performances, intellect and personality. On the contrary, the majesty of the presidency is lost by: electing “defective” candidates, in their human material, academically, intellectually and emotionally lacking for the exercise of the position, and also, taking a corrupt being to the first magistracy of the State .

In Latin America it seems lately that the only requirement to be President of State or to hold any public office is to be corrupt. In addition, decorate your personal and family transfer with faults to the legal system, in any of its areas.

The clear explanation of such an aberrational situation consists of a lack of: education, poverty and political culture, deficiencies that make the people an easy prey, who do not know how to choose or are aware of the value of their vote.

We are all responsible with our vote to restore the majesty to the Presidential institution of the State. This being the case, we must be tested ourselves with “Fire and Gold.”