Presidential Poll Results 2022 Vs. final results: hit or miss | Gustav Petro | Elections 2022

Before the electoral day this Sunday, June 19, six surveys were released, carried out by the same number of firms, on what the elections would be like. presidential election in between Gustavo Petro y Rodolfo Hernandez.

(See: Gustavo Petro, the first left-wing president of Colombia).

Four of the six polls gave Hernández the winner. They were in those made by Invamer, GAD3, AtlasIntel y Guarumo.

The difference in them was a maximum of 3%.

For its part, Yanhaas and the National Consulting Center (CNC) They gave Petro as the winner. And in them, the difference of the candidate of the Historical Pact was between 3.9% and 10% with respect to his rival.

(See: This is what is coming in economic matters in the Petro Government).

In the end, which ones got it right?

As a result, Yanhaas and the CNC were the ones who got it right, since Petro won the elections and will become the president number 118 of Colombia.

By percentage of difference between candidates, the one that came closest was AtlasIntel: it gave the winner 50.2% of the vote and the loser 47.5%.

However, his measurement showed Hernández as the winner…

(See: ‘It is not a change to take revenge, nor build more hatred’, Petro).

In the end, the percentages of the pre-count, with 100% of the tables informed, were 50,44 % for the winner (Petro) and 47,31 % for the loser (Hernández).


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