Presidential. When will the “food check” be paid, if Emmanuel Macron is

The “food check”, a measure of the candidate and President Emmanuel Macron, is intended to allow the most modest to have access to quality French food products. It will be set up “immediately after the election” in the event of the reappointment of the outgoing president, assured this Sunday, April 17, 2022 Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture and close to Emmanuel Macron.

This check whose “principle is arbitrated”but whose configuration and technical details are still under discussion, will be implemented “immediately after the election, during the year 2022”said Julien Denormandie, guest of the show Sunday in politics on France 3one week before the second round of the presidential election.

Announced end of 2020

“The idea is to say (that) today you have nearly 8 million of our fellow citizens who have difficulty in having access to local productions, to quality productions, to our French productions in reality and therefore it we have to give them a helping hand to help them acquire this”said Julien Denormandie, one of the founders of the Republic on the move.

“This is the right answer, the right answer will never be to say: ‘it is the farmers who will pay for the purchasing power of the French'”he said, when asked about a possible challenge to the Egalim law, which aims to protect the income of farmers.

The creation of this sustainable food voucher, which is slow to be put in place, was announced in mid-December 2020 by Emmanuel Macron before the Citizen’s Climate Convention. Its establishment was definitively adopted in the climate and resilience law voted in July 2021 in Parliament.