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Press review on the Midterms: "Back to a standstill"

From the "big day for democracy" to the "little blue wave": The international press sees the outcome of the midterm elections differently.

Pretty disillusioned analyzes the New York Times the election outcome of the midterms. "Two years of chaos and hysteria lead to a return to stalemate," they say. Democrats and Republicans, each party in their own way, felt satisfied. But the country would need a ruling majority and remain in the future in a standstill.

Also another commentator expresses herself critically – to the success of the democratic candidates in the Midterms. She finds the numerous victories of the anti-Trump candidates exciting, but at the same time worried about what would soon be required of them, commented Jill Filipovic. "The women are here and the expectation is that they will do what women do so often: act as a cleanup squad."

By contrast, "A great day for democracy" overwrites the Washington Post her comment on the midterms. The supremacy of the Democrats in the House of Representatives is much more than the victory of a party, they say. "It's a sign that American democracy is healthy." What remains is the hope that both Democrats and Republicans will remember their "better angels," the rational candidates. "Then it will have been a good day for America as a whole."

Also what concerns the many successful democrats, the effect post Office confident. "A party that has ruled out women, non-whites, suburbanites, urbanites, people from the Midwest and Northeastern, and those with college degrees, and all but the population over 65, has bleak prospects for 2020."

In the British Guardian the midterms are a clear signal to Donald Trump. In the farthest corner of his brain there is now a whining feeling that is nagging his excessive narcissism. "For a man who thought he could take women by the genitals, you will soon find out for yourself how painful such an attempt can be."

Trump is beaten, but the blue wave is far away, commented the Italian Repubblica, After two years, America will now enter a more conflictive phase in which the opposition can block much of the government's agenda. "The Democrats have to decide how they want to use their majority in the House of Representatives, but Trump immediately starts campaigning for reelection."

In the French Le Monde One of them is one of them: "After the Midterms, the United States is only more divided."

As a "slap for President Trump" called the The New Zurich Times the exit of the midterms. But he did not have to be ashamed. The Democrats' control of the House of Representatives "reinforces the checks and balances between the White House and Congress." Ultimately, however, the type of government cooperation will depend on Trump. "Despite the change of power in the big chamber of Congress, he is on the longer lever."

Also the Austrian default commented the "little blue wave" cautiously: "A real triumph looks different." Even if the Democrats interpreted the result as a show against rhetoric of violence and degrading attitude, as a commitment against the egomaniacal, nationalist style of Trump. You should decide within the party soon where the journey is going and with which candidates. In general, the paper recommends: "Political credibility and unflagging seriousness are the best ingredients here as a counterweight to anger President Trump and his party."

Democrats conquer the House of Representatives, Trump increases majority in the Senate

In the congressional election, the Republicans, thanks to the US president, extend the control in the Senate. The Democrats will dominate the second chamber in the future – and can thus look Trump's fingers. The results at a glance.

By Matthias Kolb




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