The woman was summoned by Mecklenburg County authorities to face two on charges of threats and two counts of assault for her racism

A woman from North Carolina lost her job after being recorded harassing a couple of African-American women in a parking lot.

The images, which turned viral, showed Susan Westwood making racist comments against the group of women who shouted at her that she was white and had a fabulous life.

The events occurred on October 19, when sisters of African-American descent were waiting for a crane as their car had broken down.

Surprisingly they were confronted by Westwood who shouted at them: "This is Myers Park. What are you doing here? Is your boyfriend here? They are not going to sell drugs here, "he tells them ironically while it is recorded by the victims.

In addition, the recording is affirmed that she is "white" and earns 125 thousand dollars a year while claiming women who are in the parking lot of an exclusive place in the city.

Soon after, the woman, who is apparently drunk, warns them to be careful to be in a largely white neighborhood.

"They will not be walking around a place they do not belong to. Get out of here, "he rebukes. In addition, he asks them: "Do I need to take out my hidden weapon?"

Given this situation, one of the sisters called 911 to report the harassment they were being subjected to.

After the images were known, the company for which Westwood works, Charter Communications, decided to fire her.

"The incident recorded in Charlotte is a flagrant violation of Charter's code of conduct and clearly ignores the company's commitment to inclusion and respectful behavior. As such, Mrs. Westwood's employment with the company has been terminated, with immediate effect, "the company said in a statement.

In addition, Wetwood was summoned by Mecklenburg County authorities to face two on charges of threats and two counts of assault.

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