Pretend kidnapping and spend ransom money on gambling

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Posted: October 29, 2021 | 5:38 PM

A 47-year-old woman, originally from Spain, pretended to be kidnapped, and used the ransom money to use it to bet on table games, which is estimated to be around 140 thousand pesos, which caused the Central Unit for Kidnapping and Extortion scoured the area in search of the woman.

After an intense search for hours, the police found the location of the woman, who was betting the ransom money on a game of bingo.

Through the security cameras of the place, the police officers verified that the woman was “all afternoon” playing bingo and faking her kidnapping.

Finally, the woman was arrested by the police for the crimes of extortion and deception of kidnapping her husband. Likewise, it was detailed that she could be credited with “more crimes typified in the Penal Code” for the false kidnapping.

For the moment, the woman is free, although she must necessarily go to court when her statement on the alleged kidnapping is requested.