“Pretty cheeky” – note on the cooking oil shelf outraged customer

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Created: May 15, 2022, 5:00 a.m


On the cooking oil shelf in a branch of the Aldi discount chain, a customer makes a strange discovery. © Screenshot/Twitter/Vyvyan

A customer made a strange discovery on the cooking oil shelf in a branch of the Aldi discount chain. Read here what clear words the user finds on Twitter:

Cooking oil has recently been in the headlines more often due to supply bottlenecks and hamster purchases, including in the current case. The reason for this is a note on which Aldi warns the hamster buyers. “Are you buying the oil because you need it? Or do you buy the oil because everyone does it?” writes the discounter in a branch. A user on Twitter finds the action “pretty cheeky” and vents her anger.

HEIDELBERG24 reports on a note that outraged an Aldi customer on Twitter

Consumers in Germany are also feeling the effects of war and flight in Ukraine. Many foods have become significantly more expensive as a result of the fighting, including cooking oil and other products imported from Russia and Ukraine. A few weeks ago, Aldi also had to adjust the prices for many groceries – for example meat, dairy products and cooking oil.

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