Prevent corona by consuming immune booster vitamins

KONTAN.CO.ID – Jakarta. In addition to applying the three M (wearing masks, washing hands, and taking care), we must increase our body’s resistance to prevent being infected with the corona / Covid-19 virus. A number of vitamins can be useful for increasing the body’s immune / immune booster.

The body has a natural system to ward off disease both from viral and bacterial infections. This system is known as immunity or the immune system. Although this system works naturally, there are times when the body’s immunity decreases. If so, the disease will easily infect the body.

When the immune system is weakened, we need to encourage the body’s immune system to return to optimal. There are many ways to make the immune system increase. One of them is by fulfilling nutritional intake from the food we consume.

Among the many types of nutrients the body needs to maintain and boost the body’s immune system, essential vitamins are one of the most important. Launching from Business Insider, essential vitamins can help produce immune cells such as antibodies and white blood cells in sufficient numbers.

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These cells that later work in the immune system to fight viral and bacterial infections. Here are four vitamins as an immune booster.

1. Vitamin B6

The body needs vitamin B6 to make immune cells that can fight harmful microbes. The way vitamin B6 works is by helping the body produce T-cells, a type of immune cell that helps kill infected cells in the body.

Not only that, vitamin B6 also activates the immune system response. For women, the daily requirement for vitamin B6 is around 1.2 mg. Meanwhile, men need 1.4 mg of vitamin B6 daily.

Summarizing from the Cleveland Clinic, some foods rich in vitamin B6 include chicken, salmon, tuna, and green vegetables.

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