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The rate of accidents in vacations or states of health contingency such as that experienced in Mexico by the COVID-19 pandemic increases because it is practically impossible to have full control of activities what to do minors in homes.

Because attention is focused on cases of Covid-19 infection, it is difficult for the health sector to deal with minor cases such as injuries and burns that occur in the home, due to which, the recommendation is that the best medicine this season is prevention.

Specialists in medical emergencies from the Mexican Institute of Social Security reported that 90 percent of accidents can be prevented and the most common cases have been ranked in the top 5, which are headed by suffocation by objects (toys, food, nails, rubber bands, paper,), intoxication from medicines and homemade liquids (intake of detergents, chlorine, perfumes, thiner, alcohol); allergies, (insect and reptile bites), burns, mainly with the stove and liquids (hot water), to which other “common” ones are added, such as electrocution with devices and plugs; stab injuries (knife, pocketknives and scissors) and falls and blows on stairs.

In these cases, it is important to reinforce home safety and hygiene since they are factors that surround said mishaps.

The reports of the health sector refer that 50% of deaths of children between the ages of 1 and 14 are caused by accidents at homeAnd they insist that 90% can be prevented, therein lies the need to learn about first aid and to have a kit of basic medical products.

It is important that there are no surfaces in homes that cause falls, such as wet floors or stairs without railings and sockets without protection.

In the case of choking, food intake should be monitored, especially in children under five years of age.

Cleaning products represent a risk, since infants often confuse solvents and toxic products with water or a soft drink.

Once the health emergency is over, the health sector will regumarize care in hospital units, meanwhile the best medicine must prevention.

Top 5 home accidents

  • Suffocation
  • Burns
  • Allergies
  • Falls
  • Poisoning



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