Preventive early warning in the capital for a new frontal system

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The rains will return strongly to the central zone between next Friday and Saturday. This was announced during the afternoon of this Wednesday, July 1, the Chilean Meteorological Directorate, specifying that precipitation is expected “of normal to moderate intensity in pre-Cordillera and Cordillera sectors between the Valparaíso and Biobío regions”.

The new front system “It will start with a zero isotherm around 2,200 meters above mean sea level.”

The prognosis of the Chilean Meteorological Directorate made the One my Metropolitan will declare, also this afternoon, a preventive early warning for the capital “By meteorological event”.
This alert is effective immediately “And until the conditions so warrant.”

“The declaration of this alert is constituted as a state of strengthening surveillance, through precise and rigorous monitoring of risk conditions and the respective vulnerabilities associated with the threat, coordinating and activating the Civil Protection System in order to act opportunely facing eventual emergency situations “, they explained in the One my.

Among the recommendations he makes One my, considering this new bad weather front, they are “Check and clean the roof and gutters of the houses; keep the rainwater evacuation routes free of dirt and debris and avoid going into mountainous areas, rivers, lakes and the sea, especially when weather conditions are unfavorable ”.



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