Preventive imprisonment and provisional hospitalization for 9 accused of attacks on the Peñalolén Sub-Police Station | National

In preventive detention and provisional internment, 9 defendants were accused of attacking the police with incendiary devices. Peñalolén Carabineros Sub-police Station.

The hearing lasted four days and the defense of those formalized told Radio Bío Bio that they would present an appeal to modify the precautionary measures.

The 13th Guarantee Court of Santiago determined that nine of the defendants are a danger to society, so it preventive detention of the 7 adults arrested and in temporary hospitalization in a center of the Sename to two adolescents.

The other two defendants were under total house arrest.

According to the investigation of the Eastern Metropolitan Regional Prosecutor’s Office, the 11 are part of a “criminal organization” and were charged with the crimes of illicit association, unjustified shooting and molotov throw.

The events would have been perpetrated between August and October of this year after calls through social networks and telephone communications.

Furthermore, one of the 11 accused, identified as Matías Barrocal and nicknamed “Locotron”, was formalized at the hearing for the crime of attempted homicide, after being accused of throwing a Molotov cocktail at Lieutenant Luis Faúndez on October 12. The policeman is hospitalized, stable but with serious injuries.

The formalization hearing, which began on Thursday, lasted four days and yesterday the judge of the 13th Guarantee Court of Santiago, Natacha Ruz, considered that the freedom of the accused is a danger to the safety of society.

The defense attorney for the 11 accused, Lorenzo Morales, said that they are going to file an appeal with the aim of change precautionary measures.

According to information from the Eastern Prosecutor’s Office, the magistrate emphasized that the crimes charged are very serious and violent, and also considered the illicit association. Meanwhile, one of those formalized acknowledged the participation of all in the events.



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