Preventive Medicine "36 outlets to vaccinate pilgrims against meningitis

Preventive Medicine "36 outlets to vaccinate pilgrims against meningitis

The Ministry of Health and Population, represented by the Preventive Medicine Sector, stressed that travelers who perform Hajj and Umrah should be immunized against meningitis before traveling at least 10 days. The vaccination certificate should be attached to travel papers. Dr. Alaa Eid, head of preventive medicine at the Ministry of Health, said that the airport authorities will not allow any traveler to travel unless he has been vaccinated with meningitis from the ministry’s vaccination centers or quarantine at the airport. He added that sufficient doses of meningitis were injected into 36 quarantine outlets at airports, ports and land ports, pointing out that the vaccination prevents the spread of the disease to Egypt. He called on all pilgrims and pilgrims to take all preventive measures to prevent the leaking of diseases, pointing out that the follow-up pilgrims after the return to make sure they are free of diseases.

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