Preventive medicine, essential for the new way of traveling

The preventive medicine and epidemiological surveillance should be part of the “new normal” for travelers, that is one of the conclusions issued by the UNAM’s Preventive Traveler Care Clinic (CAPV), given the tourist affectation due to Covid-19.

“The way of traveling and planning a trip will completely change. This historical event represents a decrease from 60 to 80% of international arrivals, although there will be destinations that will have a stronger impact, “said Dr. Jorge Baruch Díaz Ramírez, head of the Traveler’s Preventive Care Clinic (CAPV) of the UNAM.

Health and crossings

“It must change the way we travel a trip. Preventive medicine and epidemiological surveillance should be included, since less than one in 10 travelers took their health into account and consulted a specialist before an international trip, ”reported the University Commission for Emergency Care Coronavirus.

According to Jorge, “less than 15% of international travelers have their updated health and vaccination system, they do not pay attention to health and today everything is going to revolve around this.”


Airport authorities could unify and form a unique identity format, a digital passport in which medical information about health, including immunology, is added, in which the user will have full control to indicate who gives access to this information. sensitive, for what and for how long. While the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has worked since 2007 to replace the physical passport.

“Decreasing the contact between travelers and service providers will be essential to cut the transmission chain. The sanitary requirements will become more stringent to enter a nation, with documentation that verifies the health or immune status and the tracking of travelers throughout their stay abroad will be mandatory, “reported the University Commission for Emergency Care Coronavirus.

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