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Preview: Tales of Arise Meets Your Anime JRPG Need

by archyw

As indicated, the Tales of series has been around for a while. Since the first part, the series has visited numerous platforms. The basics, however, have never changed: even now, unsuspecting heroes are plunged into an adventure to save the world and humanity, regularly from themselves.

Familiar elements also come to the fore in Tales of Arise. For example, the Linear Motion Battle System returns, although the Namco Bandai team is making the system more suitable for both newcomers and acquaintances of the series. Although the game uses the well-known Unreal Engine 4, Tales of Arise gets its own typical anime atmosphere thanks to the new Atmospheric Shaders, as Namco Bandai calls them. This gives the game a drawn effect, but not in the cell-shaded way as we know from the past.

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