PREVIEW – The new Honda Hornet is here: discover it now in the sketches of those who designed it [VIDEO e GALLERY] – News

After the confirmation at EICMA 2021 of the return of the Hornet to the range, Honda shows a preview of some sketches by its designer Giovanni Dovis, which reveal much of the design focused on the combination of mechanical beauty and aggressiveness of the lines, inherent in the DNA of one of the most loved Naked. ever. Dovis: “I was inspired by the hornet, its wings and the reference to the wings of racing bikes”

June 6, 2022

Ihe new concept of the Honda Hornet is the result of the collaboration between the Italian Research and Development department in Rome and Japan. The result is a very aggressive design.

These sketches of the Hornet Hornet Concept show a mix of mechanical beauty and futuristic look, the result of the “pencil” of the very young Italian designer, 28 years old, Giovanni Dovis who made them

After the confirmation, at EICMA 2021, of the return of the Hornet in the range in the near future, Honda preview today some sketches that reveal much of the design focused on the perfect combination of mechanical beauty and aggressiveness of the lines.

The hornet’s wings as inspiration

Dovis, which recently signed the lines of the new crossover scooter ADV350, said: “Honda’s design philosophy aims to create something pure and functional in the simplest way possible, a philosophy that is reflected in the creation of exciting models with“ genuine ”beauty. The sketches show how the design of the Hornet Concept is founded on the values ​​of agility, dynamism and lightness, thanks to the compact and elegant proportions, the pointed tail and the sharp lines. The result is a bike with a taut and aggressive look that underlines its sporting attitude, which has always been in the DNA of all Hornet generations “.

More specifically: “We focused on a design that had to be simple and essential and that it fully meets the customer’s needs. It was important that it wasn’t there over-designHornet started out on a research project, trying to understand who was the ideal customerwith a breezy, young, light, rational character but which also wants the part of aesthetics and lifestyle “.

The first idea that I had for the Hornet – explained Dovis -, considering that the design of a naked bike starts from the tankstarted from the Hornet insect: the hornetwhich has some ali. From the union with the racing world, which uses the fins and the natural reference of the hornet, I thought of this shape of tank that recalled these wings, thus dynamizing the shape in a very simple but effective way for this product “.

“These are just the very first sketcheswhich are idealizing what could be a first idea of ​​the product, then with a sharing of ideas between us, the Japanese team and marketing let’s define the final product with much more realistic sketches. Obviously there is a long process, before arriving at the final product “.

It remains to understand what its technical characteristics will be: everything is silent and the only assumptions are those we made a little over a month ago in this article (twin-cylinder engine) and also in this one (750 cc of displacement).