As many US media report in unison, the iPad Pro should be equipped with Face ID on the front panel. If you hold the iPad across, it can be unlocked easily via face recognition. The large version of the device comes with 12.9 inches display, the middle with 11 inches. Instead of Lightning connector Apple then relies on a USB-C port.

That in turn would now also affect the Apple Pencil. This can no longer be charged on the new iPad Pro with the elimination of the Lightning port. It is also questionable how then older keyboards can be connected to the new iPad. Similar to the current iPhone devices, the headphone jack also falls off the iPad. The same applies to the home button.

The iPad Mini has also been redesigned by Apple. The small iPad from Apple should be 7.9 inches tall, it should only be minimally larger than the iPhone XS Max. However, Apple will probably offer the iPad Mini 5 for less than 400 euros.

Mac users can look forward to two iMac variants, a Mac mini and a MacBook. The exact hardware changes are hardly leaked information from the Apple headquarters in Cupertino. However, one thing is certain: all Mac devices are more powerful.


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