Price of coffee affects crop substitution in Antioquia


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In Briceño the plan was to have 1,000 hectares to plant this grain.
Antioquia, which contributes 17 percent of national production, equivalent to 2.3 million bags per year. Photo: Courtesy Gobernación de Antioquia



April 19, 2018, 01:09 p.m.
The coffee growers in Antioquia, calculated in 80,000 families, They are losing 25 percent of their income due to the low price of coffee. This was stated by the Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development, Jaime Alberto Garzón, who requested support for this union affected by the exchange rate, the price of coffee on the New York stock exchange and the incidence of other external factors that have an impact on the price of the product. In Antioquia, which contributes 17 percent of national production, equivalent to 2.3 million bags per year and whose annual value of the harvest amounts to 1.2 billion pesos, the situation extends beyond the coffee-growing families It also has an impact on important programs such as the substitution of illicit crops. Garzón reminded the Minister of Agriculture, Juan Guillermo Zuluaga, that in the Antioquia Libre de Coca program one of the important projects that it is composed is the promotion of this productive item to replace the illicit crops that are in the territory. “There lies one of the concerns of the departmental government, which aspires to intervene with a pilot plan the municipality of Briceño to plant 1,000 new hectares of coffee, reduce coca crops and generate opportunities for small producers, “said the official. This project, he added, will benefit 500 families and will require an investment of 18,000 million pesos, that would be placed by the Colombia in Peace Fund and the Agroindustrial Business Fund Antioquia Siembra. Similarly, the government joined the request of the Federation of Coffee Growers of Antioquia in that, if an agreement is reached with the countries, the destination of the contributions for the Price Stabilization Fund will be studied or resources will be reserved to retain the coffee inventories. MEDELLÍN

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