Price of Honda’s New Matic Motor as of August 2022, There are All New Beat, Scoopy, Genio up to PCX 160

COPPER-Here’s the price of the latest Honda automatic motorbike as of August 2022 that you deserve to know.

The price of this latest new automatic motorbike starts from the All New Beat, Scoopy, Genio to PCX which is priced at an affordable price.

What is the average for Honda’s newest automatic new motorbike as of August 2022.

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But this time, in this article we will review the price of a new automatic motorbike as of August for Honda for the Yogyakarta area.

The price of the latest Honda 2022 unit was compiled from Astra Motor Yogyakarta Main Dealer Honda in the DIY area, which was uploaded to its official Instagram account, @hondaistimewaid.

For those of you who live in Yogyakarta, here are the latest prices for the Honda 2022 automatic motorbike.

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There is a Honda All New Beat which is set at IDR 18 million in Yogyakarta in August for the CBS type.