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Price of iron and cement Sunday, April 14, 2019 All companies and follow-up prices of building materials in the Egyptian markets

We offer you the prices of iron and cement in Egypt on Sunday, April 14, 2019. Prices of iron and building materials in general are witnessing great stability in the recent period. This stability may be due to the stability of the US dollar against the Egyptian pound. Producing in Egypt is LE 11,650, with different prices from one company to another.

The price of cement tonnage in Egypt declined significantly during the last period. This decrease is due to the lack of demand in the Egyptian market. This forced cement manufacturers in Egypt to reduce their prices more than once. In October, Pounds, and prices have risen significantly at the beginning of the world 2018 and the end of 2017, but prices are currently going down.

The price of iron in Egypt

The Company's name Price per ton of pounds
Ezz Steel 11.750
Egyptian Iron 11600
Komi 11430
Beshay iron 11650
Porter 11550
gift 11600
Geophysical 11500

The price of cement in Egypt

The Company's name Price per ton of pounds
Arab Cement Company 863
Renaissance Cement 823
Swedish Cement 860
Suez Cement 840
Portland cement 853
Al Arish Cement 828

The decline in purchasing power behind the remarkable stability in prices of cement or iron in many factories, but this could change in the coming hours, iron prices are stable and stable prices, and cement prices have changed in some companies between the rise and fall and settled in companies Other.

  • The prices of iron have witnessed great stability in the Egyptian market over the past few days, with the movement of cement prices between the day and the other, but it has been abandoned two days ago.


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