Price-performance star of Amazon: Echo Studio is a favorable sound miracle


With the 200 euros cheap Echo Studio Amazon sells the price-performance star among the wireless speakers. He takes it easy with the best equipment in its size class and more versatile is none of its competitors.

Amazon has a whole range of Wi-Fi speakers on offer, but so far, a device was missing in which the music at a similar level as the Apple Homepod or Sonos One plays. This is changing now with the new Echo Studio. He has proven in the test as a small sound miracle with outstanding price-performance ratio.

Fine inner life

Amazon has housed in the cylinder housing of the Echo Studio a lot: three 51-millimeter midrange, a 25-millimeter tweeter and a 133-millimeter woofer. The speakers are powered by an analog-to-digital converter with 24-bit resolution and an amplifier with 100 kilohertz (kHz) bandwidth. This allows the speaker to play high-resolution material.

Amazon Echo Studio Interior.jpg

The midrange drivers are given clear directions, tweeters and woofers fill the room up and down.

(Photo: Amazon)

In addition, the arrangement of the individual speakers and the support of Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio, the Echo Studio is able to produce a spatial sound, what Amazon collectively called 3D Music. And of course, the new echo flagship Amazons digital voice assistant Alexa is on board.

Before you can try out, whether the studio holds, what its values ​​promise, you have to set it up first. As with all other echo speakers, this is very easy with the accompanying app, just follow the simple instructions. After a few minutes, the LED ring on top lights up blue-green and you can start. You can talk to Alexa, but you do not have to. If you want, you can use the Echo Studio like any other Wi-Fi speaker, so via app and smartphone control, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or Tune-in streaming. In addition, you can connect devices via Bluetooth.

Zigbee headquarters integrated

Amazon Echo Studio Test 2.jpg

When Alexa is locked out, the LED ring turns red.

(Photo: kwe)

Using voice control, it's amazing how well the far-field microphones of the loudspeaker work. Even at longer distances and at a relatively high volume, normal spoken commands are understood. When Alexa is active, the LED ring glows blue. Deactivating the voice control via the mute button, the ring glows permanently red.

If you appreciate the advantages of digital assistants and home automation, you will not only get a smart speaker with the Echo Studio, but also a Zigbee control center that can control compatible devices.

It's all very well, but the most important thing about a speaker is ultimately the sound. To try out what the Echo Studio can do, it was fed with streaming material in the usual quality, songs with higher bit rates as well as high-resolution formats and 3D music. In addition, the speaker was connected via its rear jack connector to a mixer and two turntables.

It does not always have to be HD

It turned out that the Echo Studio fortunately not so picky that he only sounds really good with HD music. Its basic advantages are also heard when playing its Spotify list. It actually delivers very powerful basses, which also reach far down. The trebles are crystal clear and add a lot of detail to the sound. Even the pronounced, defined mids are convincing, although sometimes they seem a bit underrepresented between bass and treble. However, that is a matter of taste and can be well balanced over the equalizer.

Amazon Echo Studio Test-3.jpg

The bass has air to breathe through the reflex channel and can develop evenly.

(Photo: kwe)

You should give the studio but some time before you intervene regulate. Because the speaker adapts automatically to the environment, which takes a few seconds. According to Amazon, he does this continuously. But has the impression that a reboot is necessary for a complete adaptation, at least when relocating.

Experience fine differences

Powerful is how the speaker keeps the quality across all volumes and how big the space it fills out. In music whose subtleties can be emphasized by higher bit rates, the good impression is reinforced. For example, hi-hats sound as if the drums are in front of you, you can clearly hear when fingers brush gently over guitar pages or takes the breathing of singers. Overall, the music gets a larger volume. It is registered that more is offered without being able to say exactly what it is. To hear these differences in a 200-euro speaker, is already impressive.

Amazon Echo Studio Test-4.jpg

The Echo Studio also works well with analog signals when amplified beforehand.

(Photo: kwe)

As far as 3D music is concerned, at best you get an idea of ​​what's possible. The offer is just not very big and the quality of the few pieces in Amazon's 3D list varies. For some songs you actually have a certain 360-degree impression, others ask yourself if you imagine it or actually hear it. This does not mean that the Echo Studio 3D music could not show, it probably hapert more on the material.

On the TV s.besten in pairs

It is also possible to use the Echo Studio as a TV speaker via a Fire TV Cube or a Fire TV Stick 4K. Again, the sound is great, but the function seems appropriate, despite Dolby Atmos support, if you combine two studios as a stereo pair. One alone will deliver a bit of stereo sound when placed centrally, but that's not enough for a movie experience. On the other hand, you have to first find a Dolby Atmos soundbar for 400 euros, which sounds like two Echo Studios.

Clear price-performance winner

Compared to other smart speakers of its size, the Amazon Echo Studio not only offers the best value for money. He sounds as good or even better than the competition. Whether the Echo Studio leaves the Apple Homepod or a Sonos One behind, will certainly depend on your personal hearing or taste. More versatile than Amazon's new number 1 is no other wireless speaker.


Introducing Echo Studio – Smarter High Fidelity Speaker with 3D Audio and Alexa

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