In conjunction with the announcement of Apple, the US technology giant, the latest release of iPhone and smart phones, has applied a 26-50% increase in the prices of all its products in Turkey.

And with the calculation of taxes and customs to be added to the price of new phones will exceed the price of phones İPhone Xs Max The barrier is 10,000 TL.

Zaman's Turkish newspaper revealed the new price increase as the price of a phone rose iPhone 6S Plus From 3 thousand and 299 Turkish liras to 5 thousand and 199 Turkish lira, while the price of telephones iPhone 7 Plus From 4 thousand and 999 Turkish liras to 6 thousand and 299 Turkish lira, and the prices of telephones iPhone 8 From 5 thousand and 199 Turkish liras to 6 thousand and 499 Turkish liras. The MacBook Air prices ranged between 5 thousand and 499 Turkish lira and 7 thousand and 999 Turkish lira, and the new iPad price reached 32 GB from 1899 Turkish lira to two thousand and seven thousand Turkish lira.

The recent period has seen calls from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to citizens to boycott US products, against the background of the political crisis between the two countries, prompting a number of citizens to break their smart phones and tablets from the Apple production of America, and publishing images shattered on social media.



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