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«Connected» – A dance short film about young people in lockdown

Noemi Suwanda, 4N, Uznach – Naomi Untersander, 4GS, Jona

The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic affected the lives of all of us. The young people in particular were massively influenced by the measures, since adolescence is very important for a person’s development. However, due to different basic requirements, everyone experienced the lockdown differently. There were positive as well as negative experiences – we wanted to capture these in the form of a short dance film. […]

«Time Machine» – setting a day to music and other works

Laura Virág Buza, 4MS, Jona

Music always manages to move people. Feelings and time are expressed through different tempi, instruments, lyrics and harmonies. The song is given a specific character so that listeners can find themselves in the music with their own thoughts and emotions. I took a closer look at this phenomenon while writing my Matura thesis.

As a final product, my album called «Time Machine» or in German just «Zeitmaschine» can be listened to on all music platforms under my stage name «Virág Búza». […]

Computational Quantum Chemistry

Building a Python package to compute molecules and atoms using the closed-shell restricted Hartree-Fock method

Jakob Mostert, 4P, Ernetschwil

Why quantum chemistry? Because this topic combines mathematics, computer science, chemistry and physics in an ideal way for me. Quantum chemistry deals with the behavior of the smallest particles in the world: electrons, protons, but also matter that is made up of them, i.e. atoms and molecules. Many high-ranking researchers such as Max Planck, Erwin Schrödinger, Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg have set up various physical models to calculate the behavior of quantum particles. With the help of the Schrödinger equation, one of the most important equations in quantum chemistry, the energy of atoms and molecules and the geometric arrangement of the atoms in molecules can be determined, among other things. And now my work comes into play: I wanted to use these models in my Matura thesis and thus understand the physics of the smallest particles and apply them in the form of my own program. For this purpose I set up the Schrödinger equation for atoms and molecules with fully occupied orbitals (e.g. helium, neon, argon, H₂O, CO₂…) and solved it numerically. After understanding all the necessary theory, I was able to use the Python programming language to develop a program that allows anyone to calculate the energy of atoms and molecules or their shape. The program is now available open source.

Lack of knowledge in Switzerland about stroke – “It’s time to act!”

Selinay Sarikaya, 4N, June

A quantitative analysis of the knowledge of the Swiss population and stroke patients

Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability worldwide and the second leading cause of death. Medical advances make effective acute therapy possible, but this should urgently take place in the first few hours after a stroke. Correct symptom recognition and timely action are therefore key prerequisites for access to acute therapy. This in turn assumes a reasonable level of knowledge about stroke. […]

This study primarily examined the population’s level of knowledge about stroke. At the same time, a comparison of the level of knowledge with stroke patients was sought and their satisfaction with the medical education was determined. […]

How the screen makes us sick

David Berger, 4W, Jona

In my Matura thesis I examined the relationship between problematic Internet use (PUI), sleep and mental health. To do this, I conducted a survey of 635 students in different schools from the 4th to the 12th grade. In the survey, I measured PUI with a questionnaire from the Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich, sleep with a questionnaire on sleep disorders (Insomnia Severity Index) and mental well-being with a WHO questionnaire. In addition, I asked additional questions about screen time, leisure activities, school, the body, and suicidal tendencies. The data was collected using an online questionnaire. The evaluation was carried out with the statistics program SPSS. In addition to descriptive statistics, I mainly used regression models to examine the factors influencing the PUI. […]

Implementation of a RISC-V-based Kernel

Gian Marco Beltrame, 4bSW, Jona

As part of my Matura thesis, I dealt with the basic functions (kernel) of an operating system. In concrete terms, this means the control of various hardware components, such as SD cards, communication modules, memory (RAM) and graphics output, by software.

Most of the work was spent implementing the various interfaces. This required reading a large number of technical specifications and data sheets and then implementing the information extracted from them. The programming language C was used for development, with certain parts written directly in assembly (machine language). […]