Prices of cement on Monday 16-4-2018

Prices of cement on Monday 16-4-2018

Cement in Egypt is one of the most important branches of the Egyptian economy. The cement industry does not limit the employment of workers in factories, but it extends to A complete pillar of the field of contracting and construction, and the subsequent industries and works of art indirectly attached thereto. Cement prices today Cement prices in the market, on Monday, and the price of tons of Swedish cement 910 pounds, and registered concrete cement 920 pounds per ton, cement cement record 900 pounds per ton, and recorded the price of tons Tura 935 pounds. The price of Sinai Cement was 890 pounds per ton, Helwan Cement 938 pounds per tonne, and cement cement victory 890 pounds per ton, Suez Cement scored 913 pounds per ton.

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