Prices of fans today .. and «Toshiba» at 835 pounds

Prices of fans today .. and «Toshiba» at 835 pounds

Our news newspaper quoted the Constitution, we publish the prices of fans today .. And «Toshiba» at 835 pounds, the prices of fans today .. And «Toshiba» at 835 pounds We publish to you our visitors New News Today through our newspaper Akhbarna and start with the main news,
. The Egyptian market witnessed a lull in the prices of electrical appliances on Tuesday, and the «Constitution» monitored the most important goods needed by citizens, especially during the summer season, including «fans». The Torreded Box 4 fan recorded a price of £ 390, the torneed roof was five-speed 375 pounds, and the torpedo desk was 3-speed and with a 499-pound apogee. While Toshiba fans registered a feather 4 price of 585 pounds, a Toshiba Wall 4 feather price of 500 pounds, a Toshiba Stand 4 feather at 835 pounds, and a Toshiba Desk 4 feather price of 430 pounds. Fans also registered a column price of 405 pounds, and a feather stand at 300 pounds, and a roof ceiling at 115 pounds. Thank you for following us and we promise you always to provide everything that is best .. and the transfer of news from all sources of news and facilitate reading to you. Do not forget the work of IK for our page on Facebook and follow the latest news on Twitter. Greetings of the family website of Akhbarna newspaper.
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