Prices of «Free Fraser» today .. and »Crease» at 4850 pounds


We show you the most important news in the following article: Of the Constitution, on Friday, 18 May 2018. On Friday, the Egyptian market witnessed a change in the prices of electrical appliances. The “Constitution” monitored the most important commodities needed by citizens, especially during the summer season, including the Deeb Fraser.

Deep Fraser recorded “140-liter 140-liter Kraiazi” at 4,850 pounds, 180 liter horizontal, 5150 pounds, and Debra Fraser “Crease 4-foot 9” at 6990 pounds, and Deep Fraser “Crease 6-foot 12 feet” at 8470 pounds. While Deep Fraser recorded “Toshiba 4 195 liter” with a freezer price of 5430 pounds, Toshiba “5 drawer 230 liters” price of 6360 pounds, Toshiba “4 drawer 195 liters” price of 5450 pounds, and “4 drawer 195 liters” price 5435 pounds . Finally, we thank you very much for the visit and follow-up of the East Times, and we promise you to provide all new and important news from all reliable sources. Prices of «Free Fraser» today .. and »Crease» at 4850 pounds , And the source is responsible for the health of the news. Source: Constitution


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