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Prices of iron on Thursday 09-5-2019 in iron mills preliminary update

We offer you dear guests Prices of iron today Thursday 09/05/2019 In the iron mills initial update, as iron prices have been in a state of stability has been going on for a long time, has risen Price of iron And the beginning of the current year 2018, due to factors including the liberalization of the exchange rate of the Egyptian pound in late 2016, as well as the lifting of subsidies by the Egyptian government on the prices of electricity and fuel, which affected the cost of production, and these prices are updated in the tables provided You go the whole day.

Prices of iron today
Prices of iron today

Prices of iron on Thursday 09-5-2019

Witnesses Prices of iron today The situation of stability where prices have not changed for a long time, has averaged The price of iron today In the Egyptian market 11,400 pounds per ton, and the prices shown in the prices of delivery prices of the factory land, where not include shipping and transport costs or agent ratio.

the factory the product The price of delivery of factory land
Almighty Almighty 11600 pounds
Ezz Aldkheila Exotic 11600 pounds
With tea With tea 11600 pounds
Decimal Decimal 11,500 pounds
Egyptians Egyptians 11600 pounds
National Steel Porter 11550 LE
Komi Komi 11430 LE
gift gift 11600 pounds
Geochemistry of Steel Geophysical 11,500 pounds
Iron Maadi Maadi 11300 LE
Egypt Steel Egypt Steel 11,500 pounds
Al-Jarhi Al-Jarhi EGP 10150
ferryman ferryman 11550 LE

Factors affecting iron prices in Egypt

Iron prices in Egypt Directly related to the prices of raw materials worldwide, and the most important factors affecting Price of iron Global pallet prices as they are the strongest engine for domestic iron prices, and difficult to predict trends, and on which the rise The price of iron in Egypt Or declining. As well Exchange rate of the dollar Greatly affects the Prices of iron, Where the rise rises Price of iron And vice versa, also subordination Iron To the supply and demand law, as the increase in demand in the market due to large projects, leads to a rise Prices of iron.

Expectations for the price of iron in Egypt during the coming period

Head of Building Materials Division at the Chamber of Commerce Ahmed Al-Zaini said that Iron prices in Egypt Will be reduced during the coming period with a large value, because of the decline in the value of the pallet worldwide to about 50% of the price, which is the main component in the process of production and manufacture of iron, and imported iron, which will be in the market during the coming period heavily will create a balance between supply and market needs, Therefore the continuous decline is expected For the price of iron in Egypt In the coming months.

Update: The price of iron today in factories and Egyptian companies

  • stability The price of iron today Thursday, 09-5-2019 at the Egyptian Ironworks, where he recorded Price of tons of iron today In the factory of Ezz 11600 pounds, while the price at the factory Komi amount of 11430 pounds per ton, it is mentioned that all the prices shown in the prices of delivery prices of the factory and does not include the proportion of the agent or shipping costs, and there are many reasons led to decline Iron prices in Egypt The recent period, including the decline in prices of pallets globally, the fall in the dollar prices, and the submission of iron to the law of supply and demand.

We welcome your comments with your expectations For iron prices in Egypt In the coming days.


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