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Prices of legumes and spices Monday, 5-11-2018 in the province of Qena from the site of dawn, on Monday, 5 November 2018.

"Dawn" in the province of Qena, on Monday, the prices of legumes, spices and herbs, in the shops of perfume in all the markets of the province, which has seen stability.

The average price of a kilo of hibiscus is 60 pounds, 50 pounds of lance, 40 pounds of coriander, 12 pounds of the ring, spices record of a kilo of hot chili 30 pounds, cold cuts of 20 pounds, cumin 80 pounds, black pepper 150 pounds, coriander 25 pounds.

Yellow lentils are 20 pounds, black lentils 18 to 20 pounds, local beans 26 pounds per kilo, local beans 18 pounds, ground beans 18 pounds, English beans 16 pounds, fine rice 12 pounds, pasta 8 pounds, cowpeas 28 pounds .

Finally, we extend our thanks to the visitors and followers of the Sharq Times website. We also promise to provide you with everything that is new and important from all reliable news sources. We transported the prices of pulses and spices on Monday, 5-11-2018 in Qena Governorate. Or not.
Source: Dawn



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