Prices of Used Honda HR-V 2015-2018, starting at Rp. 190 Millions 1.5 BC / T

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Illustration of Used Honda HR-V

Illustration of Used Honda HR-V – The used Honda HR-V in 2015 can be a choice for you who want to have a cool used car.

This car has a 1,500 cc engine and 1,800 cc 118-137 hp power, pretty good for a car that can accommodate 7 people.

Based on data from’s pricelist channel, the lowest price of the Honda HR-V is Rp 190 million

The price is for HR-V type 1.5 BC / T 2015 alert.

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Whereas the HR-V type 1.5 E CVT output in 2016 costs Rp 230 million.

For the most expensive used HR-V we found was the type of 1.8 E Prestige 2018 for Rp. 300 million.

The following is a list of used HondaHR-V prices that has summarized:

Varian Year Price
1.5 S M/T 2015 IDR 190 million
1.5 E CVT 2016 IDR 230 million
1.5 S CVT 2017 Rp 220 million
1.8 E Prestige 2018 IDR 300 million



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