Prices of vegetables today and «tomatoes» for 3 pounds per kilo

Prices of vegetables today and «tomatoes» for 3 pounds per kilo

Arab News – the prices of vegetables today .. And «tomatoes» 3 pounds per kilo, at the beginning, we must be careful about the importance of our dear visitors, where the Arab citizen seeks in the first and last to know the truth, and the tanning that this is what we seek also in the framework of the policy that The work is done in our site, the Arab News, “Which has become the primary goal of respecting the mind of the Arab continent first, who seeks to know the credibility of the news that he is browsing, and for our part and our keenness to deliver the truth to the Arab continental we are putting the most important news today, which comes under the title” »3 pounds per kilo.” (Al – Arab News – your way to know the truth), the news was transferred on Monday, April 16, 2018 03:05 am – published «Constitution» the most important indicative prices for vegetables in the transit market, on Monday, and prices of tomatoes 3 pounds per kilo, potatoes 3.5 pounds, onions 4 pounds, cucumbers 4 pounds, beans 6 pounds, peas 5 pounds, turkey pepper 6 pounds, pepper colors 12 pounds. The price of a kilo of zucchini ranges from 4 to 8 pounds, and the choice of 4 pounds, garlic 20 pounds, pepper 6 pounds, eggplants 5 pounds, and Mallokhia from 4 to 5 pounds, and islands 7 pounds, potatoes 3 pounds, taro 5 pounds, peas 6 pounds. The prices of vegetables today .. and «tomatoes» 3 pounds per kilo, we hope that we have transferred the previous news in a transparent way to you, where we are always seeking to clarify and uncover the truth and nothing else, and do not compromise your opinion in the above news through comments where Your opinions always concern us in the first and last place. ” “, And do not forget to also follow us on the social networking pages of our site, the site of Arabs News, our pages on the sites of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and put an admiration and follow up to reach you and the latest news and political, economic, technical, sports, technical and health and beauty news and the world of Eve and news and entertainment variety to reach you As soon as they start first, the prices of vegetables today .. and «tomatoes» 3 pounds per kilo. Arab News – Prices of vegetables today and «tomatoes» for 3 pounds per kilo
Source : the Constitution

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