Pride month in Hungary starts on a low note due to fuss about anti-gay law: “Law doesn’t stop us from being who we are”

According to VRT NWS journalist Steven Decraene, who is in Budapest, there is a lot of debate about it in the capital, but there is little room for nuance. “Anyone who wants to react in front of the camera says they are ashamed. Those who would rather not react in front of the camera often say: “we understand the law”, because some think it is getting out of hand. You are either in favor or you are against.”

It also seems to have immediate consequences for these Pride festivities. “There can be a lot less people present, about 150 to 200 guests instead of 2,000 normally. Because this ship was the only place where they could have that opening take place. Many hall owners here in Budapest had said: ‘I’d rather not”. With that law coming, you never know what the consequences will be, if we will soon no longer receive subsidies for cultural performances, for example. So: you feel that self-censorship is starting to work.”