“Pride Month”: Protest against children’s book reading with drag queen in Vienna

From June 1st to 12th, the “Vienna Pride”, supported by the official Vienna, will take place again this year. Vienna’s LGBT “Month” has been causing a stir for years, especially among traditionally minded Austrians. Now some resentment is ignited at an event shortly after the start of “Pride Month”. Because in a library, a “drag queen” is supposed to read little children from LGBT-affine books on Friday.

Wien. – Under the program item “Children’s book reading with Candy Licious” there is a so-called “Drag Queen Story Hour” in a library on Gumpendorfer Straße in Vienna-Mariahilf. On Friday. On June 3rd at 3:30 p.m., several controversial children’s books will be read there. It’s about attending a lesbian wedding or about a boy who would rather be a (female) mermaid. Another story is about gay cooks. According to the organizers, the aim is to teach the children “tolerance”.

Dealing with LGBT issues not suitable for children

A report from the activist newspaper home courier According to them, the concept of “Drag Queen Story Hours” dates back to 2015 America. “A man in pompous female clothing, excessive make-up, high-heeled shoes and a sweeping wig” appears to read to children from books on LGBT topics. According to the paper, this is a “specific strategy to infiltrate children with left-wing gender ideas.”

The question of sexuality is not yet an issue for small children, even the understanding of the difference between boys and girls is still developing at this early age. In such events, the youngest would be “confronted with statements that their young mind can neither understand nor classify.” According to the medium, the problem is that “the normal development of a male or female self-image is questioned”.

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Regular fuss over “drag queen” readings

The confrontation of children and young people with the topic of transsexuality is considered to be highly controversial. Especially in Anglo-American countries, the proportion of children and young people who allegedly suffer from a gender identity disorder is increasing. In many cases, hormone blockers stop puberty, often followed by reoperation later, which in turn is regretted by a not to be underestimated proportion of transsexuals after a while.

But the performances of “drag queens” in front of children always cause excitement. Also in the USA, there are several reports that children have been taught a sexualized dance form or that the body of the drag artist has become a playground. In Houston, Texas, a convicted sex offender who molested an eight-year-old once performed at a Drag Queen Storytime. The organizing library apologized publicly after these circumstances became known.

Protest against event in Vienna

The fact that this US trend is now also finding its way into Vienna annoys critical activists of the “Rot-Weiss-Rot campaign”. In her Telegram channel, she is now calling for peaceful protests against the event. So one should convince both those responsible for “Pride” and the library by means of letters that this event is not a good idea. If this fails, as many critical citizens as possible should come to the event to carefully observe what is going on there.

Overall, a whole month of action is planned, the platform wants to “coordinate visible resistance to the taxpayer-financed propaganda surrounding the so-called ‘Pride Month’.” They want to prevent “dubious ideologies from the media and politics from being declared the new state religion.” Therefore, one rejects “Any political support for the globalist symbols of the Great Reset or gender mainstreaming”.

“Action Red-White-Red” unites dissidents

Likewise, “Aktion RWR” demands a ban on rainbow flags in schools, kindergartens and other institutions built or co-financed with taxpayers’ money. Instead of “Pride Month” there should be a “Month for Austria” with the aim of “strengthening Austrian culture and family, instead of wasting tax money and early sexualisation”, which one rejects in “any form”.

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The system-critical actors who joined the call for the month of protest include demo organizer Martin Rutter. On his own channel, he shared a subject for the campaign month with the inscription “Red-White-Red instead of BUNT”. The Catholic resistance, which regularly appeared in the demonstrations critical of the measures, professed the values ​​of “Aktion RWR”.

Acquittal after banner campaign last year

The trial against right-wing activists, who lowered a critical banner in front of the Vienna City Hall at the “Pride” parade in Vienna last year, only started in March – VOICE OF THE DAY reported. Leaflets were also thrown into the crowd. Among other things, the sentence was found on it: “A man remains a man, a woman remains a woman, your propaganda remains waste”.

The public prosecutor’s office then investigated the suspicion of alleged hate speech and ultimately brought charges against three activists. The trial ended in an acquittal just two weeks ago. The judge found that the defendants had “awkwardly worded” their criticism. Ultimately, however, this is not directed against LGBT people but against the City of Vienna and is therefore permissible.

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