Pride of belonging to the cradle of kings and admirals

The mayor of Villalar de los Comuneros, Luis Alonso.

In the Campa de Villalar year after year the values ​​of equality, justice and freedom that have marked us so much are extolled

There are four major festivals that we celebrate in Villalar de los Comuneros. These take place on April 23, which is, in turn, the day of our community, San Isidro on May 15, San Antonio on June 13 and Nuestra Señora de la Asunción and San Roque on August 15.

Villalar de los Comuneros: where the communal feeling beats

All four parties have their own personalities. A) Yes,
San Isidro and San Antonio still preserve the customs of our traditions today, being Nuestra de la Asunción and San Roque the festival with which the neighborhood is most identified. from Villalar de los Comuneros. This has always been the big local festival, in which bulls are run and wine and food are shared to the sound of large orchestras with all those who visit us.

“Without a doubt, the festival that most identifies us touristically speaking is the one that is commemorated every April 23”

But without a doubt, the festival that most identifies us touristically speaking is the one that is commemorated every April 23, where
The citizens of Castilla y León gather to vindicate and share the feelings and pride of belonging to the largest land in Europe, cradle of kings and admirals, of rich folklore, generous fields that give bread, meat, and mineral, where, unfortunately, well-trained young people have to emigrate due to lack of opportunity.

It is here, in the Villalar field, where
people from all over the region meet year after year to extol the feeling of community and the values ​​of Equality, Justice and Freedom that have marked us so much.

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However, this year 2021, when
500 years of the battle that gave Villalar his surname are fulfilled, being in the middle of a pandemic, we are going to celebrate the event in a way that, complying with the regulations imposed by the corresponding health authorities, we live the day of Castilla y León with our hearts set on Villalar, singing and dancing the original songs of our land, so that in the night of April 22 in every window or on every balcony of every house a candle has been lit in memory of those who fell on this site and those who have lost their lives due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus.

From Villalar de los Comuneros
I invite everyone from Castilla y León to celebrate one more year the community party.


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