Priest is accused of drugging and abusing a woman.

An unusual case of rape was registered in South Florida, in which Father Jean Claude Philippe, assigned to the parish of Homestead, in Miami, He sexually abused a woman after drugging her with a drink that appeared to be tea.

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The events, for which the priest is now being tried, occurred in 2018, when Philippe invited the woman victim to his house located on the church grounds. Such invitations were common for women, as Philipe was her and her daughter’s godfather, so he was not at all suspicious, the local Miami Herald reported.

Inside the place, Philippe gave the woman a mysterious tea drink in a bottle that she claimed caused her to pass out. He related that He woke up two hours later, in the priest’s bed and without any article of clothing, added the print media.

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Although the priest stated that he never sexually abused her, nor drugged her with tea, these arguments were not enough for the jury to issue a decision in her favor. After two hours of extensive debate, they decided to find him guilty of the crimes of sexual assault in the second degree.

With the decision, the religious would expect a sentence of at least 15 years in a detention center.

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According to information from the local media, the woman victim kept everything silent until February 2019, when she revealed her story to a religious in a spiritual retreat. The same priest told him to report the rape and it was only a few weeks before the investigations began.

“Philipe was recorded in a conversation he had with the woman. During a call, the priest assured that he never acceded to her, but only masturbated and gave her several massages “Attorney Kathleen Hoague told the local Miami Herald newspaper.