Primark is about to raise prices. Inflan pressures are very strong, he explains

Irish etzec with cheap copper Primark in Prague
| photo: Primark

AB Foods’ other operating profit doubled in the first half of the year to 706 million pounds (20.5 billion crowns). Sales increased by 25 percent
to £ 7.88 billion. Sales and profits were spinning on the level before pandemics. The first year ended in the first half of the year.

The results of all Primark stores remained open, with the exception of a short breakdown in Austria and the Netherlands. In the comparable period of the previous year, on the other hand, stores in Britain and Europe were closed for a long time. Primark’s sales alone rose 59 percent to 3.5 billion pounds.

The company said that inflationary pressures are now so high that it is unable to compensate them with disputes. Primark, which opened a store in the center of Prague last June, must raise prices.

The company’s spokesman said: In response to rising inflation and the strengthening dollar, we will introduce increased prices for some products from the fall / winter collection. We are still determined to maintain our leading position in the area of ​​affordable prices and daily availability.

The primary, which is known mainly for its low prices, has affected coronaviruses, which is limited in Europe by its competitors, because of its mistakes in online shopping. The company announced this year that it is planning to abolish 400 jobs to reduce costs. Sales in Britain and Ireland are recovering strongly, but on the continent, the number of consumers is weak and the return to normal performance will remain there.

A number of traders have warned her that they will have to raise prices because their rising costs for energy and packaging and labor are rising. AB Foods added that for the entire fiscal year, the decline in margins on its food products has not yet been anticipated, due to the exchange of raw materials, commodities, energy and supply chain in general.