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Home Entertainment Prime Audiences: "The Voice" on TF1 loses 400,000 viewers in one week

Prime Audiences: "The Voice" on TF1 loses 400,000 viewers in one week

Last night, TF1 broadcast "The Voice" and a second evening of "KO". France 2 on its side broadcast "The Children of TV" presented by Laurent Ruquier and entitled "Surprise Party".

France 3 proposed a new episode of "Commissioner Magellan" and France 5 programmed "Echappées belles". Finally viewers could follow "Macgyver" with two new episodes of season 3 on M6.

The Voice
22.2% market share

4,202,000 viewers

Commissioner Magellan
19% market share

3 719 000 viewers

5.9% market share

1,586,000 viewers

Children of TV
8.5% of market share

1,482,000 viewers

Close call
5.1% market share

996,000 viewers

Bloodthirsty Tyrant
4% market share

783,000 viewers

2.9% of market share

564,000 viewers

Criminal Chronicles
2.5% market share

476,000 viewers

Right on the left
2.2% of market share

417,000 viewers

Downton Abbey
1.5% market share

379,000 viewers

The Simpsons
1.5% market share

299,000 viewers

Josephine, guardian angel
1.4% of market share

282,000 viewers

The big bang theory
1.3% market share

260,000 viewers

Bernie the dolphin
1.4% of market share

259,000 viewers

Shrek scare me
1.3% market share

252,000 viewers

Legionaries: at the school of courage
1.2% of market share

236,000 viewers

Renovation impossible
1.1% of market share

218,000 viewers

Shipping Wars: impossible delivery
1.1% of market share

208,000 viewers

0.8% of market share

165,000 viewers

The top market share


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