Prime Minister Ardern postpones own wedding due to corona tightening

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern has postponed her own wedding due to tightening in the country’s corona policy. The new measures were announced after it was revealed that the omikron variant is spreading in the country.

New Zealand has largely managed to keep corona out, because foreigners have been largely banned since March 2020. Nevertheless, last week at a large wedding party near Auckland, a family became infected with the omikron variant.

“Since this family has not been in contact with anyone from abroad to our knowledge, that means that omikron is circulating in Auckland,” Ardern reasoned. Because the family flew back home to the South Island after the party, an outbreak is also imminent there; a crew member of their plane already tested positive.

To prevent further spread, face masks will be mandatory again in the country from midnight. A maximum of one hundred people may also gather in the catering industry or at events, provided everyone is vaccinated. For unvaccinated people, the limit is 25.

‘That’s life’

At the press conference where Ardern announced the measures, she also immediately said that her marriage to Clarke Gayford has been canceled for the time being. “My wedding is off.” Ardern had not yet announced a wedding date publicly.