Prince Amedeo + Princess Elisabetta: This is her new life in Basel

Prince Amedeo + Princess Elisabetta
Such is the life of the Belgian royals in Basel

Prince Amedeo and Princess Elisabetta with

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With his move to Switzerland, Prince Amedeo of Belgium has turned his back on life at the royal court. Today he lives in seclusion with his wife and two children in Switzerland. The royal seems to have arrived there.

Prince Amedeo, 36, has chosen life away from the Belgian palace. After his marriage to Princess Elisabetta, 34, in 2014, the couple initially lived at Laeken Castle in Brussels. But the two were drawn abroad – and to independence.

Prince Amedeo and his Lili live and work in Switzerland

A few months after the birth of their daughter Anna Astrid, who was born in May 2017, the small family moved to Switzerland. In Basel, the heir to the throne, who is currently in sixth place, and his Lili built a whole new and, above all, anonymous life.

Prince Amedeo works there at the private bank E. Gutzwiller & Cie, where his father, Prince Lorenz, 66, has worked since 1987 and is now one of the partners. “I think you have to put your heart and soul into the world of finance. It could bring customers even closer, because we invest for our customers as for ourselves,” the passionate shareholder once said in an interview with the Belgian daily Het Laatste New”. And Lili also seems to have arrived professionally. She works in the art museum of the Beyeler Foundation.

Prince Amedeo: “We are happy in Basel”

In 2019, little Maximilian made the family happiness of the prince couple perfect. The family of four, who use the surname Habsburg-Lothringen in everyday life, now live in a mansion on Marschalkenstrasse. The Rhine, a park and a zoo are in the immediate vicinity.

“My family and I are really happy in Basel,” Amedeo told the newspaper. “It’s a beautiful city that I like very much, it’s human, I like the museums, I like to walk along the Rhine and in summer I even swim in the river from time to time,” the 36-year-old gives a rare insight into his life withdrawn family life.

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